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Friday, April 18th, 2014

VSO Auditions

AuditionsAccording to the Policies and Procedures for the Valley Symphony Orchestra (VSO), all new musicians performing either as contracted or substitute musicians with the orchestra must audition prior to the season during a regularly scheduled audition.  This audition will fill vacant positions in the orchestra and/or determine if a musician is added to the substitute list.  

Audition for the VSO's 2013-14 Season will be held on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at the UTPA Campus. 

All musicians wishing to audition must fill out the Audition Information Form and email it to VSO's Personnel Manager, Scott Roeder at                          

All musicians are asked to prepare contrasting movements from a standard solo work for their instrument (no accompanist will be provided); orchestral excerpts for their instrument as provided by the orchestra; and sight reading.  Required orchestral excerpts for each instrument are available at the links below and at the VSO Office at 200 South 10th Street (Neuhaus/Chase Bank Tower), Suite 104, McAllen, TX.  

Required Orchestral Excerpts
(Please prepare only bracketed excerpts)

Flute, 2nd Page
Piccolo, 2nd Page
English Horn
English Horn, 2nd Page
Clarinet, 2nd Page
E Flat Clarinet
E Flat Clarinet, 2nd page
Bass Clarinet
Bass Clarinet, 2nd Page
Bassoon, 2nd Page
Horn, 2nd page
Trumpet, 2nd Page
Trombone, 2nd page
Trombone, 3rd Page
Bass Trombone
Bass Trombone, 2nd Page
Bass Trombone, 3rd Page
Tuba, 2nd Page
Tuba, 3rd Page
Percussion, 2nd Page
Percussion, 3rd Page
Percussion, 4th Page
Violin, 2nd page
Viola, 2nd Page
Cello, 2nd Page
Cello, 3rd Page
Cello, 4th Page
Cello, 5th Page
Cello, 6th page
Bass, 2nd Page

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